Car Get Dirty Right After A Wash?Less

Have you ever paid for a car wash or detail, only to have a bird do his duty on your windshield? Or get one of those afternoon rains right after you spent your hard-earned money on a car wash or detail? It’s a horrible feeling! Here at Busy Bee Car Wash, we want to make sure you leave our wash happy, and stay that way!

Our 48 Hour Clean Guarantee!

Our 48 Hour Clean Guarantee is available to all customers who purchase upgrade their exterior wash package to include interior cleaning or any wax detailing. We’ll guarantee that your car’s exterior will remain clean for the next 48 hours. Come back within 48 hours and we’ll give you an exterior wash at no charge! We want you to be happy so you can count on us!

Claim This Offer!

In order to claim this offer, all you need to do is bring in your receipt within the 48 hour period, and we will take care of you! It’s that simple!

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