Busy Bee’s Fast Pass is a monthly service that lets you drive a clean car every day for one low price. We install an RFID sticker on your vehicle, and this tag allows you quick access to wash your vehicle every day for one low price!

Also includes unlimited FREE use of our self-serve vacuums and mat cleaners.

Busy Bee Fast Pass gives you the convenience of automated monthly payments with no contract. Conveniently Cancel any time via our website.

Become a Busy Bee’s Fast Pass member and get all the high-quality washes as you need for an affordable price, starting at the low price of $17.99 per month. Never worry about rain! Park under those sap trees all you want! Bugs on your windshield, no worries! You can drive a clean car every day!

 ➡ More Benefits

Memberships include a 15% discount off all other wash services, excluding Economy Wash membership at the $17.99 level. (Grandfathered membership at $19.99 still receive the 15% discount.)

Our Fast Pass program is a subscription program with convenient recurring monthly credit card charges that we process automatically. We’ll continuously renew your plan automatically on the anniversary of the day you purchased your plan, unless you cancel your plan or your credit card fails. Select which wash package you want, pay for your plan, and we’ll attach a special Radio Frequency Identification Tag to your vehicle’s windshield. Since your plan can only apply to the one vehicle this tag is attached to, this will help us quickly and easily process you each and every time you come in — at any of our locations. Super convenient!

 ➡ We have some important program rules:

While you can use your plan at any of our locations, Fast Pass RFID Tags cannot be transferred between vehicles. The Fast Pass RFID may not be tampered with or risk termination of the program. If you sell or lease a vehicle, simply cancel one plan and purchase a new membership for your new vehicle. A single car can be washed once per day. You can cancel any time you want, but remember we cannot provide any mid-month or pro-rated refunds. We’ll certainly let you use the remainder of your membership on the registered vehicle. To purchase, just pull into any lane and ask a Service Advisor to install a Fast Pass on the vehicle. You’ll need your credit card, driver’s license and just a few moments to place the RFID Fast Pass on your windshield and you’re on your way! See Full Rules and Restrictions here.

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