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Busy Bee Car Wash offers a full range of washes to make your car look as clean and shiny as we can make it. From the most updated, soft cloth tunnel experience; to a team of well-trained professionals; self-service cleaning bays; and lots of self-serve vacuums, you can choose the services you want. 

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Not only are our washes the best car washes in the business, but they’re affordable too, because we’re committed to giving you what you need to make your car look spotless and special. We only use soft cloth and other car washing tools that are specially designed to give your car’s surface a thorough cleaning without ever streaking or scratching it. Next, we’ll dry your car thoroughly with air dryers and soft chamois cloth and in minutes, you’re on your way in a shiny, clean car! You get to stay in your vehicle as it goes through the tunnel, so come experience the best-maintained and upgraded car wash tunnel in South Florida! (HINT: Moms need a 10-minute break? Kids love riding through! Give them and your car a treat!)

If you want us to hand-dry the vehicle and do any interior cleaning, we’ll do that after you exit the tunnel. Let us hand-dry your car with soft towels, clean the windows, vacuum your car, and a whole lot more! Don’t worry, the towels will be lint-free and your car will look absolutely flawless by the time we’re done. Best, we offer a Light Interior Cleaning and an Intensive Interior Cleaning depending on what you need. Let us baby your vehicle! We’re different from other car washes. That’s because we’re committed to providing you with the cleanest, shiniest car we can. Stop by today, and we’ll give you the highest-quality wash around. When your car is the envy of all your friends, we’re betting you’ll see the difference!

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