The following are the most current Rules and Restrictions for all Busy Bee’s Fast Pass plans. These rules are subject to change without notice and can be accessed by customers via the website. Customers are provided with terms of the program at time of purchase as well as access to all Rules and Restrictions updates on the website. (www.busybeecarwash.net)

Busy Bee’s Fast Pass participation allows for a clean car every day of the month for the registered vehicle.

Busy Bee offers different car wash packages on a monthly subscription basis. Busy Bee Car Wash has the right to offer promotional pricing to new customers.

All plans provide discounts for active members when you desire to upgrade for Interior cleaning and detailing services, excluding the deeply-discounted Economy Plan for $15.99.

Busy Bee must place RFID sticker on registered vehicle’s inside lower left corner of the windshield with the number facing out. Another sticker with the membership number is placed on the driver’s side door jamb in case the RFID sticker number cannot be read and needs to be replaced.

Fast Pass sticker cannot be placed behind tinted windshield glass. Vehicles with tinted windshields or other materials interfering with the reading of the tag may not be eligible for program.

Abuse of this program may result in restrictions or revocation of pass.

Program fee will be automatically charged each month to customer’s Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card on the anniversary of the date of purchase/program activation.

  • If the plan is purchased on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month, the plan will continue to automatically recharge on that day until that day is unavailable. If that day does not exist in a month (i.e., There’s no Feb. 30th), the plan will recharge on the first day of the following month and continue to do so for the life of the plan.

  • In the event that BBCW is not able to be charge the customer’s credit card, the customer’s plan will automatically be discontinued. Customer may re-activate their plan at any Busy Bee store. The date of activation will be the new anniversary day for monthly automatic recharges.

  • Customers may change or update the credit card on file on our secure website, busybeecarwash.net/manage-my-fastpass.  This function is only available with active memberships.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event that the customer wishes to cancel program, request must be in writing and customers will be provided with a confirmation receipt when processed.
  • At store: BBCW personnel will complete a cancellation form and submit online for customer.
  • If customer is unable to get to a site, an email request can be sent to FastPass@busybeecarwash.net. Customer must provide (1) Fast Pass membership number, (2) The site where plan was purchased, and (3) The reason for cancellation. Email must be received 5 days prior to renewal date to ensure plan is cancelled prior to the next auto-recharge date. Once auto-recharge has occurred, no refunds can be made regardless of car wash usage.
  • If customers no longer have access to their membership number, the ability to retrieve your Fast Pass number then cancel is available online.

Requests must be received at least seven working days before anniversary recharge date to avoid unnecessary charges.

All plans discontinue on the first anniversary date following the date the cancellation form is submitted.
  • No cash, credit or other refunds apply. The plan is fully functioning on registered vehicle until the next anniversary date.
  • Once auto-recharge has occurred, no refunds can be made regardless of car wash usage.

In the event Busy Bee Car Wash is unable to charge a customer’s credit/debit card due to card expiration or change in information, the customer’s program will be de-activated until card information is updated. BBCW will notify customer at the auto-pay terminal when their card is close to expiration date; the customer may update their credit card by swiping the card at our automated pay terminal when notified. (This swipe will not charge the customer; only update the credit card on file.)

Customer must notify Busy Bee Car Wash if registered vehicle’s sticker becomes damaged, is no longer visible, vehicle is sold, leased car has been returned or windshield is replaced. A new tag must be purchased for any new car and the old plan is discontinued. In the case of a new windshield, a new tag must be purchased at the cost of five dollars ($5) to replace the tag and continue participation in the program.

If customer attempts to remove tag or clean it with ammonia-based cleaners, it is likely to make the tag non-functional. If tag is removed or damaged by customer, BBCW will provide and install a new tag at a cost of $5, provided the subscription is paid through the following month.

BBCW has the right to refuse any customer the sale of this program due to commercial vehicle use, and/or any other reasons deemed by BBCW.

BBCW has the right to terminate any program participant for the abuse of the program and/or program sticker.

Vehicles must conform to Busy Bee Car Wash dimension standards. Modifications outside of Busy Bee Car Wash standards to existing customer’s vehicle(s) may require program termination. Please see location management for confirmation that vehicle meets standards. NOTE: Vehicles with detachable hitches must remove hitch PRIOR to entering tunnel. Detachable hitches are not permitted through the wash tunnel.

Program activation is available only through Busy Bee Car Wash location(s).

Fast Pass RFID tag remains the exclusive property of Busy Bee Car Wash and must be surrendered upon request. In the event the windshield sticker is tampered with or the program is used in any way inconsistent with its terms and conditions, the program will be immediately voided and all monies forfeited.

Other coupons or offers are not valid with Busy Bee’s Fast Pass.

Pricing is subject to change at any time without notice but signage will be displayed onsite.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
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