Gift Cards and Pre-Purchase Car Wash CardsLess

Do you have someone to treat to a good car cleaning? Busy Bee Car Wash offers gift cards in any cash denomination amount. Or if you don’t want a recurring membership for your own vehicles, we also sell loyalty discounts to customers who pre-purchase. Discounts start at a minimum of 5 car washes purchased.

If you’re a fleet manager, with a minimum of 10 vehicles in your Fleet, then we have discounts for you too. Email and let us know how we can assist you keeping your vehicles clean!Less
Prepaid Car Wash Discounts

Prepaid Car Wash

Tax When Applicable.

Discounts Start When Purchasing 5 Carwashes

Save 16% to 20%

Never Expires

Use Anytime at any Location

Discounted Loyalty Washes

No Auto-Recharges

Check Your Gift Card Balance
Gift card

Not Sure what to gift?
Give the gift of Clean!

Tax When Applicable.

Great for Detail Gifts!

Ideal for Parents!

Perfect for Teachers!

 ➡ Pre-paid Wash CardsLess

When Busy Bee’s Fast Pass membership program doesn’t fit your needs, we provide loyalty discounts to customers who want to pre-purchase car washes. This protects you from any price increases.

When you pre-purchase car washes, we’ll load them onto a gift card to redeem whenever you want. All of the prepaid cards are rechargeable. And the washes never expire, so you won’t have to rush to use them. You can use them on multiple vehicles whenever you like.

 ➡ Check Your Gift Card BalanceLess

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