Prepay Car Washes:Less

Gift Cards and Prepaid Car Wash Cards

Our Fast Pass program is the best deal in town when you want to keep one vehicle clean every day. But if you have a fleet of vehicles that need washed, then our prepaid car wash cards or Bulk Car Wash ticket program may be better options for you. Busy Bee Car Wash provides discounts when you pre-purchase car washes. Discounts start at only 5 car washes purchase. These car washes are placed on a gift-type card and can be quickly scanned to process the pre-purchased car wash. These units never expire and can be used on any vehicle you’d like. It’s a great way to save and avoid any price increases. All of our prepaid cards are rechargeable.

If you have a Fleet of vehicles that need washing, we have a Bulk Car Wash ticket program. We can provide you with individual coupons for your use and distribution. Discounts start at 200 car washes purchased. Contact Office@busybeecarwash.net, or any Busy Bee Manager if the Bulk Ticket program is what you need.

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